Immersion - English language immersion courses Dublin
Immersion - English language immersion courses Dublin
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Please take the time to carefully read our terms and conditions before booking your course with us. If you are unclear regarding any matter please do not hesitate to contact us.

1 Fees for ALL courses are payable in advance. No course will be reserved until a fully completed Booking Form, together with the appropriate deposit/balance and evidence of insurance has been received by us. If the balance due for any course has not been received within 2 months of the course start date we reserve the right to cancel the course, forfeit any deposit paid and bill for cancellation charges below.
2 For courses due to take place more than two months (60 days) at the time of booking a 10% deposit based on the total course cost or €250 (whichever is the greater) is required to confirm. For courses due to start within two months the full cost of the course is payable immediately.
3 Cancellation charges are as follows:
Within 1 month of course start date - 100% of course fee
1 month and over - 20% administration costs

The above charges include any deposit paid. Where cancellation is due to illness or other insurable reason we will co-operate with any reasonable inquiries your insurer may have.
4 All payments must be made by Bank Transfer (Full details will be provided on your invoice). It is your responsibility to ensure that full payment arrives within the appropriate time.
Payment may only be made by Bank Transfer (including all bank costs) ensuring that the full Euro amount of the course is received in our bank without any deductions. You must quote our full IBAN and BIC codes when making payment. Discounts available for bookings of 3 weeks or more are applicable only to courses which have been fully paid in advance.
5 If you require a visa to enter Ireland, or you are a non-EU national who does not require a visa for a stay of 90 days or less and enter Ireland as an ‘educational tourist’ defined by the Irish Immigration Service, we will assist you with documentation required as follows; course confirmation, confirmation that the fees have been paid in full and any other reasonable requirements to help you obtain a visa that we agree to assist you with. We do not charge for this service at present, provided you apply for such a visa or clearly establish your right to status as an ‘educational tourist’ a minimum of 90 days prior to course commencement. We reserve the right to charge for documentation that is not normally required or where there are extra requirements imposed by the Immigration Service or other body.
6 At the time of completion of this booking form you must confirm that you do not have any illness or infectious disease, that you have not travelled or intend to travel to any country where there has been or continues to exist any form of epidemic that is life threatening or not, and that you have not been exposed to infection from another person. If your circumstances change between the date of booking and the commencement of your course you must advise us with medical evidence noting the cancellation charges above.
7 Invoices will be addressed to the person/company and at the address named on the Booking Form unless we are requested in writing to do otherwise.
8 All courses start on Sunday evening after 17.00 and finish on the following Saturday morning for one week courses or the final Saturday morning for courses of two weeks or more duration. If you wish, you may depart late on Friday afternoon or Friday evening.
It is your responsibility to make your travel arrangements on this basis. We do not arrange flights or make reservations for your transportation to and from Ireland.
9 Course fees include full board and accommodation for the course duration, tuition for the hours booked and all necessary course materials except for items for your own personal use such as pens, paper, dictionaries, computers, tablets etc. We provide a Language File in which you can record your progress.
If airport transfers are a selected option, then it is your responsibility to properly advise us of your arrival time at Dublin Airport after 17.00 on Sunday. If your flight is delayed for any reason you must advise us immediately by phone call or SMS to +353 87 6352057. If you fail to contact us about a delay to your travel arrangements and our representative travels to the airport as originally arranged then a second pick-up may not be possible and the amount paid by you will not be refunded.

For professional/business courses you are entitled to receive a full report at the end of your course on request.
10 It is your responsibility to arrange adequate insurance for your trip to Ireland to include cancellation or curtailment of your trip due to your illness or other reason, flight delays, loss of baggage and illness or accident necessitating medical assistance and/or hospital admission during your course and damage to teachers' property. No liability shall attach to Immersion arising out of any accident or mishap you may have during your course. Possession of adequate insurance is a pre-requisite for all courses and is required by the Irish Immigration Service for visitors who require a visa to enter Ireland including visitors and ‘educational tourists’ who do not require visas for a stay of 90 days or less.
11 We will use our best endeavours to place you with the best suited teacher and family for your course and according to your stated needs; however, it may be necessary, in exceptional cases such as illness of the teacher concerned or other serious reason, to allocate another teacher and family at short notice, which teacher/family will be the most suitable for the course concerned. In the event that we are unable to allocate another teacher and family we will refund your payment in full which is the limit of our responsibility.
12 The consent of the parents or guardians will be required for all students under the age of 18 years and this consent will be prepared by us for signature before course commencement. Serious inappropriate or uncooperative behaviour by under 18s will constitute a reason for course termination and their immediate return to the parents or guardians at their expense.
13 No contract shall come into existence until such time as a properly completed Booking form together with the appropriate deposit/amount payable is received and accepted by us following written confirmation by us that a proposed course is available.
14 Grievances must be notified to us immediately (same or next day) so that we may address them properly and will not under any circumstances be entertained after course conclusion. We may be contacted at any time at +353 87 6352057 by leaving a message or by e mail to
15 If you do not disclose any material fact that would affect our judgment to accept your application and place you in close contact with a family or withhold any material information we reserve the right to terminate your course at any time and apply cancellation charges at no.3 above.
16 All contractual matters concerning your course booking will be subject to the laws and jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Ireland.