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Key Skills
: Speaking and Listening; Everyday Vocabulary; Pronunciation work; Grammar as appropriate, however, good communication is the objective.

Details: This online course is specially designed for young people aged from 13 to 17 years approximately who have their own particular language needs and expectations. Two-to-One courses are also possible (two students to one teacher). Teachers for these courses have particular expertise and qualifications for teaching at this level and caring for younger students.

Lessons are presented and delivered in an appropriate and friendly manner with the best interests of the young student in mind. Our teachers understand the needs of this group very well and are quite aware of the most suitable teaching methods to bring out the best in every young student while making the whole experience an enjoyable one for all concerned.

With the knowledge that most of our students will be at primary, secondary or perhaps early third level, there will be a mix of skills and activities and, of course, every course will be different according to individual needs. Emphasis will be on a balance of activities to ensure that those areas of language that need improvement will receive attention.

There will be lots of speaking practice, good use of grammar, vocabulary development, pronunciation and appropriate reading and writing practice. Advice in relation to study skills will also be offered. Constant feedback and mentoring will feature and the teacher will offer all the assistance and encouragement needed to allow for maximum progress


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