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We at Immersion have always prioritised the health and safety of our students and tutors with permanent protocols in place for all courses. Your safety and wellbeing is of paramount importance to us.

We have an enhanced infectious disease policy in place to provide maximum protection against illness and viruses of all kinds while taking a course with us. This is especially important with COVID-19 and we are determined to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Our courses are one-to-one which provides an excellent opportunity to study in a safe yet enjoyable manner. One student studies with one tutor and in this way you can avoid the risks of studying in groups.

The authorities in Ireland have been very active in successfully controlling COVID-19 and most people are now fully aware of the need to practise good hygiene and behave responsibly towards others.

The Irish authorities, in a phased reopening of the economy, have indicated that the education sector will recommence at the end of August 2020, assuming that the disease continues to be controlled. Once a date for recommencement has been confirmed, we will post a notice on our website.

Please take a look below at the extra measures we are taking during this exceptional period and hopefully, you will be reassured with our approach to health and safety matters. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


We ensure that your health and safety is protected to the maximum during the present COVID-19 epidemic with these extra precautions. We do so by:

Requiring that our tutors reconfirm prior to your arrival that neither they nor any person in their household is suffering from an infectious disease nor has any of them come into contact with a person who may have symptoms;

Requiring that tutors engage in regular daily cleaning and airing of their homes prior to your arrival and during the course, and further make a written record of this;

Requiring that tutors maintain adequate ventilation in their homes particularly in study areas;

Requiring that tutors wear a face mask when you are present inside the tutor's home, car, and when accompanying you on visits where there is an indoor element to these;

Requiring that tutors and members of the household engage in appropriate social distancing (keeping a minimum distance between you and them);

Requiring that tutors engage in regular handwashing and provide facilities for you to wash and dry your hands on a regular basis;

Requiring tutors to have regular breaks between lessons so that you and your tutor may go outside for fresh air as much as possible;

Requiring that tutors facilitate you taking regular outdoor exercise.


You for your part must:

Before arrival in Ireland reconfirm to us by email that you are not suffering from any symptoms of any infectious disease or illness and that you have not been in contact with any person who is suffering from an infectious disease;

While travelling to Ireland, use personal protective equipment (PPE) such as wearing a disposable face mask*, and comply with any other requirement(s) of the appropriate national authority and transport company. Wearing of face masks is presently a requirement for travel with international airlines and also while using public transport within Ireland;

Comply with all reasonable requests from us and your tutor to protect each other's health and safety;

Use PPE such as wearing a face mask while inside the tutor's home and when visiting other indoor venues;

Engage in regular handwashing;

Immediately inform your tutor and then us if you have any symptoms such as high temperature, coughing, loss of or change to taste and/or smell, difficulty breathing and any other symptoms of COVID-19 (visit website - opens a separate tab on your internet browser: Irish Health Service);

Respect the tutor's requests for social distancing by keeping a defined minimum distance between you, them and any other members of the household.

* Please ensure you have an adequate supply of face masks and hand sanitiser before you travel which can be purchased quite reasonably from pharmacies and online.

By following the above and taking a common sense approach to everyone's health and safety, it is possible to have a very pleasant experience and improve your English. The requirement to wear face masks indoors is not ideal but it is a responsible approach to protect each other while in close contact during these extraordinary times. Regular lesson breaks should make this more tolerable during the period it is necessary for this precaution.

Please note that we already have a very comprehensive Health and Safety policy for our clients and the above measures are in addition to this due to COVID-19. This will be made clear to you on arrival at your tutor's home. At all times we respect and follow the advice provided by the Irish health authorities which is based on best international practice for the safety of us all.

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