Immersion - English language immersion courses Dublin
Immersion - English language immersion courses Dublin
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We have had many professional, general and young students take our courses since we started our business over 21 years ago. We can truthfully say that our experience has been a fulfilling one and over the years we have made so many good friends who remain in contact with us. In addition, the feedback has been excellent during this time and here is a very small sample of some of the comments from satisfied clients of every background. They are not edited to remain authentic.

'...a wonderful teacher and family...' 'I have no hesitation recommending Immersion Languages to students who want to improve and enjoy a real Irish welcome.'

'I really enjoyed the one-to-one teaching and the lessons were varied and interesting.'

'I never once looked at my watch...'(during lessons)

' efficient and very enjoyable method...'

' family were so kind and always had time to talk to me...'

'I am so happy to take a course with Immersion and to stay with ...(my teacher and family). I will recommend you to all my friends.' Inez G.

'You are really professional.' Alain D.

'...everything was perfect...from the accommodation to the teacher...thanks so much'. Daniela B.

'You are my hero...' Luca A.

'...a wonderful teacher and fantastic host.' Roberto B.

'...a really professional teacher and so dedicated to my progress...' Andrea L.


'...the course was more than I imagined...thank you...' Maria d.

'I enjoyed everything...the family, lessons everything!...' Leonardo M.'

'...really a wonderful teacher and so nice to me...' Paolo N.

'...thank you for all...I hope to be back next year...' Pascal D.

'...I hope to take another course with you soon, because the first one was amazing...' Fabio D.

'I learned more in one week with you as my teacher than in all my lessons before...' Joan A.'

'...everything -the teacher, the family, the course was perfect...' Elina M.

'...the teacher and family suited me perfectly. Thank you so much...' Melinda S.

'...tell your students that I completely recommend Immersion for a perfect course...' David F.

'I will remember the time spent in Dublin as one of the best study periods of my life.
The course English for law was a right choice for me.' Emilija C.

'Thank you for the availability and the accolade you have shown...and all the teachers for our children. They felt part of the family they live in...' Maria Rita B.

The above represent a tiny sample of the positive comments we have received over the years about our courses and host families. While we wouldn't for one minute expect to influence your decision to take one of our courses based solely on these comments you may like to talk to some students who have taken courses with us. We can arrange to put you in contact with a student from your country, if possible, to discuss their experience. In this way you can help satisfy yourself about our courses and any other matters.

Please contact us if you would like to do this. Naturally before we can do this we require full details of your identity (name, postal and e-mail address, telephone number and date of birth) and details of the course you are interested in and dates of proposed course.