Immersion - English language immersion courses Dublin
Immersion - English language immersion courses Dublin
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One-to-One teaching of language probably represents the most efficient method of learning in terms of time and cost. As there is only one student - you - it is a sure way of making rapid progress in a short time. We at Immersion put you first, and in the interests of quality and comfort we have made a deliberate decision to confine the majority of our courses to the One-to-One method. This is the only way to achieve a proper immersion experience with no distractions. We think you will appreciate this decision as a strong indication of our commitment to quality and putting your interests first.

The traditional methods of learning in large classes of varying standards and needs, from DVDs, CDs, books, on-line courses or in some other manner can be very slow and frustrating. Even with the best of intentions it is easy to lose interest, become de-motivated and give up! Once this happens we know it is very difficult to get going again.

In the One-to-One situation the tutor can design a course that is appropriate for the particular student rather than having to take into account the needs of all the students in a class. The lessons are taught at a pace that suits your style of learning and with you and only you in mind! You will be surprised at how fast the time goes by on an Immersion course and hopefully achieve all your objectives.

Clearly, One-to-One represents a better way of learning but it is also true to say that teaching is only one part of the equation. A very important part is the actual immersion experience of staying with your tutor and family in Ireland and having to speak English all day every day! After all, how can you improve unless you actively practise your English in an authentic setting with the guidance of your tutor? This One-to-One Immersion experience absolutely guarantees progress provided of course you are willing to make the effort!

Immersion in the English language accompanied by One-to-One teaching is therefore the ideal solution for rapid progress in a short period of time for both general and professional/business courses. It is the ideal solution for your language needs.