Immersion - English language immersion courses Dublin
Immersion - English language immersion courses Dublin


(under 12s also on request) LIMITED SUMMER AVAILABILITY

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Our ONE-TO-ONE ENGLISH FOR YOUNG PEOPLE COURSE is specially designed for young people aged from 12 to 18 years approximately who have their own particular language needs and usually prefer to be in the company of younger people. We can accept under 12s on request and have appropriate teachers for this age group. Two-to-One courses are also possible (two students to one teacher). Teachers and families for these courses are normally young people themselves with particular expertise and qualifications for teaching at this level and caring for younger students. Where possible, we always try to place our young students with teachers who have children of similar ages to the student.

Parents can be assured that their children are in a safe and secure environment while improving their English. The teacher and family will converse in English at all times and the young student will not be exposed to their mother tongue as is the case with large groups. This, along with a uniquely delivered course focusing on individual needs, makes our courses different to others. In addition, our courses are presented to allow for the maximum enjoyment from the immersion experience. Parents can be assured that the young students will be monitored and visited by us during their course. Further, they can contact us at any time should they need to discuss any matter or have any issue that they need to discuss.

Lessons are presented and delivered in an appropriate and friendly manner with the best interests of the young student in mind. Our teachers understand the needs of this group very well and are quite aware of the most suitable teaching methods to bring out the best in every young student while making the whole experience an enjoyable one for all concerned.

With the knowledge that most of our students will be at primary, secondary or early third level, there will be a mix of skills and activities and, of course, every course will be different according to individual needs. Emphasis will be on a balance of activities to ensure that those areas of language that need improvement will receive attention. There will be speaking practice and listening activities, good use of grammar, vocabulary development, pronunciation and appropriate reading and writing practice. Advice in relation to study skills will also be offered. Constant feedback and mentoring will feature and the teacher will offer all the assistance and encouragement needed to allow for maximum progress

After lessons there will be an opportunity to engage in some activities such as visits of the local area, swimming, and other appropriate activities. Activities will be organized by the teacher on at least three days per week which will comprise activities such as swimming, cinema, walks, hikes, visits to interesting places etc. The exact activities will depend on suitable weather and of course taking into account the wishes of the student. Our objective for this course is to combine language with an immersion experience in an interesting and motivating way and provide a great experience for our young students.

EXTRA ACTIVITIES: If requested, lessons and after-lesson activities can comprise three visits to places of interest such as interactive tours of castles or other places of historic interest where students may speak and interact with actors, city shopping tours etc. that have associated travel and entry fees. There is an additional charge of €125 per week for these activities.

ENGLISH LEVEL REQUIRED: This course is suitable for students from 12-18 years approximately (including under 12s on request) from complete beginner to those with an advanced standard.

FREQUENCY: Courses commence every week from January to December (excluding Christmas).

FLEXIBILITY: We always try to match our young learners with the most suitable tutor and family. Some flexibility on course dates would be helpful as we have limited availability during the busy summer period of July and August. Please consider June, September, Easter and other school holidays for courses, if at all possible.

COST: €1200 (15 hours) for one week plus airport transfers if not travelling with an adult; €1400 (20 hours) plus transfers for one week. Full board and accommodation for dates selected, course materials and three local activities with the teacher. We require that our young students are collected on arrival at the airport and returned there and helped check in at an additional cost. This charge will not apply if students are accompanied from the airport to the teacher's home by an adult and likewise for the return.

NOTE: We can accept students on a 2 - 1 basis with the teacher in the case of siblings/friends who have a similar English level and age. The cost for this course per week is €1920 for 15 hours and €2240 for 20 hours 2 students staying and studying with the same teacher.

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Information on all courses

Every course involves some work on pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading and writing. In your language needs analysis you will discuss the approximate amount of time you would like to spend on the various language areas. Your teacher will of course give you professional advice but your wishes are always respected and taken into account in every course! Therefore the content and direction of your course is planned with you and only you in mind.

Lessons for all courses are 60 minutes each including a short rest period with your tutor and take place in the morning and early afternoon depending on the number of lessons you have booked. The exact schedule will be discussed and agreed with your teacher on the first morning; however, it is usual to have the majority, if not all, of the lessons completed in the morning. This schedule will enable you to maximise your free time to explore the city and surrounding area.

There will be a certain amount of homework assigned each day connected to the language covered. This provides a chance for valuable practice of what you have learned and allows your teacher to monitor your progress. The amount of homework assigned is agreed with you and should take no more than an hour or so to complete.

On the final day of your course there will be an opportunity for feedback and your teacher will recommend a strategy for future study when you return home. We invite you to keep in touch with us and your teacher as we are interested in your progress and of course hope to see you back at some time in the future.

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